Thursday, June 11, 2009

a little bit of thinspo ...

i just thought i would share a few photos of Willa Holland who is my favourite thinspo (atm)

it was hard chosing just a few photos but i couldnt be bothered puting them all up

but just let me know if you liked these photos and i can put up some more!x


  1. These photos are awesome I love Willa Holland, shes so pretty. I can never find any good thinspo of her. Have you seen her on Gossip Girl?
    Anyway stay strong xoxo Farah

  2. Nice photos. Hope you'll succeed.

  3. Ouuu the sister in the OC?
    She's gorgeous.
    I remeber when she came on the first time, I hated her for her looks and body.

    If only eh...
    We'll get there <3

  4. These are some very lovely photo's.!
    She's gorgeous.

    Yasmine. xx