Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Back on track ...

Sorry i haven't written anything for ages!

i have had so much stuff going on that i couldn't be bothered writing it down but i still kept reading all your blogs! they are the perfect thinspo and i dont know why but they just keep me going!

School has been the biggest stress! I have so much work to do!! not to mention friends and family problems ... but its the school finishes at the end of this week and im determined that my two weeks off are going to make me work harder and lose more. Lately i have just been going along at the same pace, its frustrating. usually a coffee in the morning ( one or two hours late to school lol) a piece of fruit at lunch time and dinner with the family (but eating half what everyone else does) and between an hour or 2 of exercise. like i said ive been focused on school and family and stuff but i need to do better (and i will over break).

today was alright i had two tablespoons of musli and half a small green apple (i manged to get out of eating dinner with the family). I think i might have a green tea soon though.

Another reason i can't wait for holidays is there are gonna be some good parties! like the last 2 weeks there has been basically nothing on - i guess cause the weather is so shit (it is winter here)and everyone has heaps of work and stuff. so yea can't wait ... this sat is going to be AMAZING :)

Unfortunatly i have to work on friday night but im going to go shopping saturday and out saturday night so thats something to look forward to.

Stay strong ...
and keep writing!

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