Thursday, July 2, 2009

i can't be bothered writing much but when this happened i thought i must write about it.

today at school i was really tired because im sick and last night i couldn't sleep for some reason so i looked and felt like shit.

I was walking with a friend ( i would call her a friend but not a best friend) to class and she was like "whats wrong?" i was like "nothing" (i didnt feel like talking and just wanted to be left alone for a bit) and she stops and looks at me and says "you look angry .... angry, tired or hungry"! is it just me or is hungry a weird thing to say. i was shocked and we kept walking and i thought to myself "you have no idea how right you are"

it also made me alittle sad that sometimes this friend can see the things that my bestfriend cant, almost as if she knows me better than my best friend.

i duno just thought i would share.

todays has been alright went for an hour run, had an egg for breakfast (bad i know), walked to school (half an hour),had a few bites of an apple, walked home from school and ate a few bites of dinner (not much at all but it still feels disgusting in my stomach)before taking the bowl to my room and chucking it in the rubbish.

i should do some more exercise tonight but im feeling so tired and sick so im just going to go to bed! i can't be sick for sat!

stay stong!

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  1. it happened the same to me, and i got a bit disappointed, but if this makes you feel better, maybe she doesnt want to disturb you and she might think you dont want to talk about it
    maybe if you tell her how you feel you she would talk to you

    remember, you are not alone