Wednesday, July 22, 2009


things have been better since my last post (not that they could get worse!)

i have been eating around 300 calories a day.

but its my friends birthday dinner on friday. we are going to a japanese resturant. i cant get out of it.

so im going to fast tomorrow and friday until dinner.

and eat as little as possible (without being noticed) at dinner, but will treat myself a little.

oh and i have been going for the most amazing runs lately. i feel my fat on my thighs move as i run and think if i keep running it will all come off.

i used to be able to run 30mins im running for over and hour.

i had a break today though because i had heaps of school stuff.

i want to try yoga. i do pilates but something about yoga seems so relaxing! dunno

i wish i was a good dancer ...


1 comment:

  1. I do yoga for weight loss and I really like it. Seriously, after a yoga workout I always sweat a lot. It also help me to re-focus on my goal!
    So I highly recommand you yoga.