Tuesday, July 14, 2009

You can get it ...

Fuck life has been pretty shit!

i had to spend the weekend with my dad which was torture! and then i come home and my grandparents have invaded my house! so i have no space and my mum is completely stressed out. last night she wouldn't let me go to a party after work because it "wouldn't be a good look in front of your graandparents". ARGH!!

so while i could have been at a party i was at home lying in bed and could not get to sleep, so i thought i would make a thinspo video to share with you! (because everyones blogs seem a little sad atm :( )

i've never made a thinspo video before (so sorry it's not very good!)

it's not your usual thinspo song (she can get it by Kevin Rudolf) but its upbeat and always makes me want to dance for some reason. so screw all the bad shit thats going on atm and put on a good song and go crazy and dance (burn those calaries). i know things seem terrible and like you will never loose those last pounds but keep trying, it takes hard work and dedication.

don't give up what you want most for what you want at the moment.

you can get it

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