Sunday, August 9, 2009


sorry for never posting haha

last weekend was the one of the biggest partys of the year.
my whole school had been talking bot it for ages!!!
their was 650 tickets sold!

i had a really good time but very confused lol as usual!

at the beginning i was just dancing and drinking and stuff the somehow got with this guy (S). he friends with my friends and ive seen him around heaps and yea .... but dunno how i ended up getting with him.

then i went off to dance with my friends (more alcohol). then i went to go to the toliet and found a good friend crying. turns out that my good friend (L) had been taken to hospital because she had taken 3 pills and alot of alcohol. so i was really sad and what made it worse was that all my friends (apart from that one girl) didnt really care and was like she will be fine and dragged me off to dance again.

i tried to dance but didnt really feel like it and walked off somewhere and bumped into S. told him what had happend and he was so nice like talking to him bot it and then he was just holding me.

and then he was like come on lets go somewhere more private and yea i knew what he wanted but went with him anyway and yea stuff happpened.

he made sure i got home safely and txtd me in the morning.

but yea im just so confused because dont know if it was a one night thing but then why would he spend all night with me and take me home and shit. Argh!

and then he stayed at my friends house and were talking about who they got with and he didn't say anything about me so my friend was shocked when she found out i had gotten with him. is that cause he knew i was friends with them and would have been akward or ....?

btw my friend is alg so thats good.

i havent had anything to eat today only 2 coffees so thats good i guess.


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  1. S sounds pretty genuine, if he's been txting you, then im sure you werent just a 1 night thing. Glad to hear you had a pretty good night (other then your friend going to hospital - thats scary).