Wednesday, August 19, 2009


so i thought i should fill you guys in on my life.

well as you know my dad was abusive.
i lived with my mum who is addicted to pot and alcohol. but lovely and the best mum.

and yea i was always tall for my age and really really skinny.
when i hit puberty i suddenly put on heaps of weight. i was used to eating whatever i wanted and being tiny. it didn't really bother me but my everytime i saw my dad he would say "look how fat you are getting" or "look at those rolls" infront of people. all the time.

i was 12 when i started not eating. it started off just no breakfast, then no lunch aswell, then little or no dinner. my mum didn't notice. my dad didn't notice. but my friends did. everyone kept commenting on my eating.

it went on for just under a year. then one friend came up to me saying why are you doing this. instead of my usual denial i broke down and told her everything about my dad and all this stuff.

i got abit better but i was still losing weight and i was 36kgs and quite tall (dont know my exact height).

my mum made me go to a conselor and yea i got help and all that shit.
it was hard at first. everyone watching but because i was sick i thought i could eat whatever i wanted.

i always struggled. hated my body.

now here i am. back here again.
really hate my body.
way heavier.

but i know what i want. and this time im not going to let someone elses opinion of whats "Healthy" stop me.


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