Monday, October 5, 2009

back and better than ever!

My trip was soo much fun! and somehow got me out of the depressed state of mind

eating was better than expected.
apple for breakfast

rice crackers or lite tuna for lunch

and nothing for dinner but a shit load of alcohol.

apart from on the morning/ afternoon before i came back i had a huge binge. but oh well i kind of expected it.

i would go for long walks in the bush/forest thing and it was lovely.

i would spend hours looking out to sea.

i laughed the most i have in ages.

it was very drama and stress free. because less people than expected came so it was just 20 of us who are all very close friends.

and the weather was shit so the only time i went swimming was at night ... in my bra and undies with 5 guys.haha

i hoped on the scales today and i have gained back a kg :(

i am sad but im not to worried because i am feeling very motivated and i only binge when i feel like im not getting anywhere but i know i can! and i will!

i realised that i have been slipping back into depression and i really need to start doing something to stop it. find a balance in my life.

we can do this!

cant wait to look amazing in my bikini in summer....



  1. aww that's so great that you had such a good time! It's always fun to just get away for a little bit and go somewhere completely different, and I'm glad you feel happier (:
    Don't worry you'll lose that kg in no time at all! Good luck with everything and good job on eating well


  2. I'm sure it won't take long for you to lose that weight and it sounds like you had a good time, which is always good for your spirit and mind.
    You can do this, keep strong.

  3. I'm glad you had a good time, I wouldn't worry about the weight, seen as your motivated I'm sure it'll fall off :)