Wednesday, October 7, 2009

fruit and veges today and yesterday.
not sure about tomorrow ... it depends whether or not i can fast or not.

funny thing happened
i was texting this guy and the conversation ended up being about ice cream (my one love and weakness).
and he said "i am glad to have found another ice cream lover who has such a good body"

if only he knew


  1. well done with the two very healthy days!
    haha, i love getting comments like that, where you just have to awkwardly laugh and nod in reply.. lets just hope that when he takes you out for icecream, they have frozen yoghurt or sorbet as other options :S

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  3. Haha! That is cute. In a rather sad way. If you ever do get around to going out with him for ice cream, I would really just eat the ice cream. Regret it afterwards, but it'd be so odd to bond over ice cream and then order frozen yogurt...

    The girl I like right now, her name is Anais. And in Norwegian, "is" is pronounced "ees" and means ice cream. So as a means of playful flirting, I call her Ana Ice Cream.

    Ice cream is my weakness as well. :( But whenever I cave in a get myself a bowl of ice cream, I've learned that if I force myself to walk away (so hard, I know!) for even just a few minutes, when I come back to melted ice cream, I find it completely unappetizing. There's just something about it being melted that completely makes it undesirable to me. :) I am jealous you live in New Zealand! It's one of my favorite countries, and on the top of my list of Countries To Visit. :)