Wednesday, October 28, 2009

wow i have missed you guys and your support!

my laptop broke and i only just got it back.

i had so much i wanted to tell you guys but now that im writing its all gone out of my head!

i've been doing alright i guess.
i've fasted 9 days.
had 2 very depressed days where i refused to get out of bed.
several drunken nights.
but mainly i've just been super busy with school stuff.

it would be impossible to catch you guys up with everything that has happened so im not going to try! but i will write alot more often now my laptops back!

uh last weekend i got with a 21 year old guy .. and im 17... a few hours before i had a break down in McDonalds bathroom and smashed a bottle of vodka. woops! dw i didn't eat any! im not sure how i feel about getting with a guy that much older than me?but oh well nothing i can do now! whats the biggest age gap you've ever had?

oh and i also got with ice cream guy! but that was 2 weeks and he never txted me and i dont want to txt him haha ohwell

hope you are all well
and now im off to catch up on your blogs!
and drink my green tea x


  1. Ah texting... gone are the days of awkward post-sex phone calls. I'll shed a single tear for that one.

    My biggest age gap was 3 years. And the 17 to 21 age gap is really nothing to get weirded out about. At least I don't really think it is.

    There's one person's reassuring opinion for you! :P


  2. Funny, I just wrote a post about my 3 year age gap guy. God he was an ass hole.

    I don't know why I felt compelled to add this.

  3. nine days.
    wow, well done.
    I can barely manage two.
    and I wouldn't get weirded out about that age gap, it's fine :) I hope your okay.