Saturday, November 14, 2009

i am a bitch

so a few post ago i told you guys about my friend hooking up witha guy T after he told her he liked me.

well lastnight i hooked up with him and now everything is super fucked up.
i told my friend and she was like did you even think about me? blahblahblah

but yea of corse i thought about her.
but my jelousys and insecurities took over.
i needed to prove to my self that he likes me more than her.
and i realised that my need for love and attetion has driven me to hurting my best friend.
how fucked up is that.

i make myself sick.
i want to vomitt but theirs nothing to vomit up.

oh an i have my first exam tomorrow.
shuld be fun. ha.


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