Wednesday, November 25, 2009


sunday, monday, tuesday: fast
yesterday, today: only fruit and veges

so far i have successfully followed my plan and i have no intentions on ruining it today by eating anything other than fruit or veges.
but i have a little cold and with the lack of food intake recently, i am feeling soo weak.
my stomach feels like its eating its self already, but it can't be right?
i've had a on and off headache for the last 4 days.

i've been forcing myself to exercise more. run, dance and walk every day.
i walk for an hour fine.
dancing is fine.
but when i run i feel like i might pass out and i haven't been running as far as i could before.

and i can't sleep at night.
even though im mentally exhusted from studying (one more exam left YAY)
and so physically tired my legs ache.
i can't sleep.
my mind keeps running and over thinking things waay to much.
my tummy does not stop grumbling.

hopefully its just the cold making me feel like this.

i have no desire to eat anyway.
nothing looks appealling.


  1. your doing so well! I'm jealous :)
    be careful though, don't tire yourself out too much with an exam on the way,
    be careful, I hope your okay :) x

  2. oh wow, congratulations really, on how well you`re doing.
    keep it up :) and take care!

  3. ahh I'm actually starting to enjoy the cold,
    although it does make you crave warm food, not good :/
    I hope your enjoying the warm-ness!