Tuesday, September 15, 2009


today was good.

no food, only coffee, lots and lots of iced water and my new found love grapefruit juice.

it is quite a high cal drink 120cal for a small bottle (i try not to drink drinks over 100cal)

but i have been reading that grapefruit can ancrease fat burning and has all these benifits

i knew they were good for you but now im addicted haha

so until a few days ago i wasn't doing so well in eating aspect :(

but now i am empty, motavated and thinking clearly.

good and bad news.

in like 3 weeks i am going away with friends to a beach. it is going to be amazing. around 25 boys and girls. no parents.lots of alcohol. :) almost a dream come true.

minus the fact that im going to have to wear a bikini and that i will have to eat "normally" and no purging. fuck that seems impossible.

but im trying not to freak out about it and use it as motivation. i have just under 3 weeks. i no i can't lose too much in this amount of time but im going to try my best. NO screw ups. i want be skinny but i will have lost and toned up and i will have the best time ever!

be strong lovely girls!


  1. your lucky your getting away,
    and well done for managing your fast, I haven't in so long, I might tomorrow,
    I hope you have alot of fun on your trip!
    stay strong.

  2. great that you found such a good drink, I may try some grapefruit, apprently its awsum!