Thursday, September 10, 2009


i brought these pills today as they were one of the two that i found.

fat burner.
powerful combination of ingredients that assist the body's natural fat metabolism.
this increases the rate at which you body uses calaries to produce energy.
take 1 30 minutes before meals or before exercise to assist energy levels.

im going to have one before dinner.

hopefully they will work and make me feel less guilty about those dinners which i HAVE to have with the family. argh.

i am addicted to vitamins but dunno if these will work
what do you think?


  1. yes, but please be careful i had a nightmare experience with them!!! (stick to dose it says - that is all you need -no MORE!! please dont take more than that) xxx

    let us know how you get on x

    Im sorry, its too late to say that now..
    They'll make you drop a fair few pounds, but the point of taking them is to continue indefinitely.. Meaning, as soon as you stop, you will definitely gain everything back and then some.
    This is coming from a girl who will never learn her lesson, ive tried so many different brands, always the same.
    Good luck though

  3. Good luck with those, tell me if they work. :) I have to eat dinner with my family as well... I hate it. I wouldn't do it, except they are not my real family, they are a host family, and I have this irrational fear of disappointing them. ha.