Wednesday, September 16, 2009

just finshed my exam.
no more for another 2 months or something.

2 egg whites
half a banana
a green apple
2 crackers

and i want to fucking binge.
or fast.
but i cant do either.

i cant fast until sunday so its eating healthy till then.
egg whites for breakfast
fruit/veges for lunch or snacks
one coffee and one grapefruit juice per day + green tea.
chewing gum + one small lollypop per day.

and dinner. with the family. as little as possible as it is usually high cal. vomit. chew and spit. any sneaky tacket appropriate. i have many.

so tonight its pasta and i am really worried that it will trigger a binge.
chug lots of ice water. dont give in.

i wont ruin how well i have been going.


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