Wednesday, September 23, 2009

im thinking of fasting sunday, monday, tuesday. then either thursday or friday.

i think 3 days is realistic ... i dont want to push it.

but the fast will hopefully help me lose abit before i leave.

yay being fat on the beach i cant wait! ahh

hope you guys are doing better than me.
love, as always


  1. go for three then, better to do three than to push yourself and crack and think it is failure when it isnt!

    I am sure that on the beach you will sparkle!!

    Run on the sand and collect shells!! Then send me a shell and I will send you a bit of Paris x

  2. here iz my email address : x x x (then I will give you me address... what part of Paris would you like!? )

  3. Thanks for the thinspo, ive been looking for some new stuff for my ipod!
    Good luck with your fasting, im fasting till monday or tuesday. Dont push yourself too much with the fasting, you dont want to end up bingeing and gaining(n).

    Lexy xx