Saturday, September 26, 2009

had a good weekend.
drunk way too much. danced crazily. hung out with my best friends. made new friends. didn't eat much. and i am on holidays.

but its strange because i basically live to party. you would have thought that this weekend would be a dream come true.

but somethings not right. i feel numb. i feel jealous. i feel bored. i feel lonely. but really, i don't know what i feel.

i want/need something but i don't know what.

ahh this probably isnt making much sense. sorry

oh well. i am fasting today, tomorrow and the day after. then wednesday 200 cals. then thursday only fruit and veges. then friday fast. the saturday im going away! mmm should be fun ... just hope i get out of this weird, fucked up, depresed mind set.

goodluck girls!


  1. i would kill for your life right now..
    wishing i could be out partying.

    i know what you mean though, that sense of unfulfillment.. being in a crowded room but feeling like you're the only person there..

    hope you're ok :)

  2. we're never comfortable with nothing. I would kill for your life too, I cannot do anything but study and blame this just on me all the time. xx