Tuesday, September 1, 2009


fast today.

i have been doing good. only 1 coffee.

i have been distracted by too much school work! grr

i have had a killer headache all day though
so not sure if i will fast tomorrow or not!?
if i dont i will have 200 cal

i am feeling so happy tho. even though everything is going wrong i am empty.
i know that the weight is coming off. sure slowly. but good things take time.
i love it how all my friends are stressed about exams but im just so buzzed out. so empty. so vague. haha

im not worried about school. its not that important to me. there are things that i understand that 'smart' people dont. and they don't understand that. how ironic.

don't get me wrong. i try. just not as hard as most people. im writing a silly french essay at the moment. and and after im going to study for maths. ew.

might have a green tea :)

stay strong loves!
remember good things take time.
its not easy but wont it be worth it!
i believe you can do it



  1. How did your fast go? I hope very well.
    What is your french essay about? I'm french I can help you if you need.

    Stay strong.

  2. my fast went really well thank you! it was just what i needed :)
    oh wow really! i had to write it about my future plans and dreams. it was a real struggle because i hardly know what i want in nglish let alone in french! i have already handed it in but next time i will definately come to you for help.