Tuesday, January 26, 2010

after my last post i talked to my best friend about my mum and stepdad.
it felt really good to talk to someone but she didn't really understand.
where as those three comments, all were in someway just what i needed to hear. thank you.

im going to my friends cocktails tonight. a mini going away party. im going to miss her so much.
but dinner is provided. fuck.
its a bbq though which is kinda good i guess as i don't eat sausages or bread or chips. so there won't be much i have to resist, right?
mm well i was thinking of taking a fruit plater so i will have something i actually can eat.
yum strawberries, watermelon and pinapple.
what more could a girl want? haha other than cocktails.
uh alcohol cals.

my fast went well yesterday.
and i am feeling strong (food wise)
i had abit of watermelon for breakfast
thinking a small salad for lunch
and as little as i can get away with at my friends.

i only slept from 3am till 6am lastnight.
im feeling like im falling apart.
but it doesn't count unless people realise right?
fake it till you make it. ha.
im off to go shopping.
spend my money from work.
alil retail therapy.
and i will walk an hour to the shops so getting in some exercise



  1. it sounds like your trying to distract yourself, which, I guess is good, sometimes you just need that getaway.
    I'm sure talking to someone helped, in a way, it's just they dont always understand, and that can be hard.
    try and get some sleep, I hope your okay :) x

  2. i wish they would invent a calorie free alcohol, that would be the answer to all my problems lol.
    glad u feel a bit better x

  3. Distractions can be good, but be warned the drinks can make it all come tumbling down and then your scarffing down all the food in sight. Be strong, you're my inspiration for when I need to be really strict. I want to live on alcohol and bitterness.....do you think it'd work?