Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Wow and just when I thought life couldn't get anymore fucked up

Today was a good day. I was determined to pick myself up and what better way than to fast.
It was easy. Something to focus on. Something I could control.
Thank you leak and *PRINCESS*SMILE* for you comments they were truely moving and helpful.
I wasn't feeling better but you gave me hope and made me want to try.
I sucessfuly fasted and my day was good, not amazing but definately better.

But I just came home from work. To my mum yelling at my stepdad.
Ok I thought just the usual. Money. Or my mum drinking too much.
But no. My stepdad has been cheating on my mum.
Oh and let's no forget the heroin.
Sure i'm used too drugs and alcohol in the house.
My mum is boarder line alcoholic and smokes weed everyday.
But my stepdad doing heroin.
What the fuck.

No wonder I'm so fucked up


  1. Wow that's horrible I'm so sorry to hear about your family life. My mom had a gambling addiction so I can understand what it's like to live in an unstable home w/ no money.

  2. messed up households. I can totally relate.
    I'm glad that fasting made you feel a little better, sometimes, it's the only thing you can turn to, and control, eating.
    heroin is a nasty drug.
    I'm so sorry.
    I hope you can figure this out, in time.

  3. god that sucks , im so sorry you have to go through that and witness all of those things. my dad was more of a cocaine man himself and my mom is just a moron so i can relate.its hard to focus on anything when your home life is in shambles but you have to try. you are so important and i know you are strong enough to not let your mom and stepdads idiot decisions change who you are and what your working towards. your a strong and beautiful girl and its shitty that your mom and stepdad are putting you through this.just hang in there and use this terrible situation to push you forward. make lemonade out of lemons or however that saying goes. and hey you did great on your fast so try to keep that in your mind.
    stay strong
    *im sending you an imaginary, calorie free cupcake to help you feel better :) *