Sunday, January 17, 2010

i just got back from holiday .. again
it was a really nice time. really relaxing.
i fasted two days before i left.
but eating didn't go so well when i was away.
first three days i wanted to cry after being forced to eat take aways and going out on the second night nearly caused a break down.
after that i kinda gave up on eating as little as possible. it was too dramatic and causing to much pain for my friends.
looking back i feel disgusted in myself and how easily i gave up.
but now im home im going to try harder.

im feeling pretty happy at the moment though.
im trying to be a more optimistic, happy person.
trying to live life to the full.
a few days ago i went to big day out( a music festival which lasts from like 10am to 11:30pm) and it was amazing. can't stop smiling now.

hope everyone is alright


  1. it's so hard to restrict around friends, so don't beat yourself up about it (:

    yay! glad you're happy! and the music festival sounds like it was awesome!


  2. ah wow I love music festivals too, your so lucky that its summer for you, i hate winter!!
    You heard of the Reading Festival, or the Isle Of White Festival? they last like 4-5 days and have a shit load of different bands/artists playing over the course of the week and you just get to camp in a field all week, sunbathe, dance, get drunk and meet hot guys the entire time. there in england every summer me and all my friends have got the 4 days camping tickets to go to both, should be epic!

    Glad your feeling so positive !