Saturday, January 30, 2010

pizza for dinner.
didn't eat any though.

my whole family was here.
i went for a run and had a long shower to avoid the pizza. ew.
sat down in the lounge with a piece of wholegrain bread and two egg whites.
my great aunty said "whats that? skinny food?" haha she cracks me up.
but then my (overweight like nearly obese) cousin says "yea you skinny"
wtf! just because i don't want to poison my body! ahhh

but anyway i avoided the pizza and just wanted to let you guys know that this week has been binge free! no ice cream, chips, chocolate!
it hasn't been always low intakes but no binges. just controled and healthy.

thats kinda keeping me going
but we will see how tomorrow goes ( mystepsisters birthday party) fml


  1. My family is the same. I hate it! But not only do they say stupid shit like that, they always point out that I look like I'm gaining weight. Or that I need to loose weight. Only to me though. My sister is almost 300lbs, but they don't say anything to her. UGH. Family.

  2. it´s been a while since your last post.
    i hope you´re doin okay?