Wednesday, January 20, 2010

i've been doing alright but im dying to fast!
it always puts me back on track and makes me feel good and ... empty. ha.

yesterday i went out to dinner with my friends. it went alright and i got away with one piece of chicken pizza. which im pretty proud i only ate one piece because it actually tasted really good.

tonight im going out to dinner with my dad. completely not looking forward to this as ... well i hate my dad.
friday night im working and i have a salad there
and saturday night my friend is having a party. i might fast saturday but probably not.
but definately fast sunday and monday.
and then working again on tuesday.

i've also got to get back in to my exercising routine. its been hard after i've been away.
ok well im off to read your blogs then off to dinner, uh. atleast the sight of my dad will make me want to vomit and definatly not eat much
much love

1 comment:

  1. fasts are the best! I'm doing one till saturday cause I screwed up the one I was doing..
    blah, sorry you have to go to dinner with your dad, maybe it won't go so bad!
    good luck with all your food plans(: